Winter Balm

Pleasant breast balm with white fir resin

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Saint Charles Winter Balsam contains a natural mixture of different active ingredients for the beneficial application in the chest area.

The active ingredients contained in our Winter Balm:

  • Fir: As Kneipp said, everyone should plant a small fir tree in their room. The calming effect of the fir balm on our psyche has been scientifically proven many times. 
  • Thyme: Acts as a natural cough herb, especially for coughing up, bronchitis or whooping cough.
  • Lavender: Stimulates circulation when used externally and has a calming effect. In combination with the juniper berries contained in the winter balm, blood circulation in the chest area is activated.
  • Fennel Anise Larch resin: promotes ejection.
  • Sage: Has an antiviral effect.

The ingredients contained in this winter balm come mainly from regional wild collection in the Ötscher region of Austria.


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