Alexander Ehrmann & Richard König

Our pharmacy was founded in 1886 by pharmacist Alfred Blumenthal and is located at Gumpendorfer Straße 30 in Vienna's Mariahilf district. Since 19 November 2006 it is called SAINT CHARLES. On the same day the SAINT CHARLES COSMOTHECARY (natural cosmetics) and ALIMENTARY (restaurant) were born. Together with the COMPLEMENTARY (House of Mindfulness) and HIDEAWAY (cosmetic treatments), SAINT CHARLES offers a world of health in addition to the natural pharmacy in Vienna and Berlin, following the principle of Traditional European Medicine. Sustainable and socially responsible management of moral and ethical products are at the heart of our actions.

Why all this? Quite simply, the herbs we find on our doorstep can be processed into remedies, used in cosmetics or eaten. Mag. pharm. Alexander Ehrmann continues the tradition of his family as pharmacist in the 6th generation. He is a descendant of Martin Ehrmann, who was significantly involved in the founding of the "General Austrian Pharmacists' Association" in 1861 and published numerous publications and books on pharmaceutical product and preparation science.

The SAINT CHARLES pharmacy in Vienna is the scientific and ethical backbone and the basis of all our activities. Besides innumerable specialities from the traditional European medicine and of course all registered orthodox medicinal products, we offer a wide range of products. SAINT CHARLES COSMETICS and NATURALS are the natural characteristic product lines of SAINT CHARLES. In the creation of these series, pharmacist Mag. pharm. Alexander Ehrmann and Richard König pursue their passion for the development of high-quality, effective and sustainable natural remedies and cosmetics.

This online shop is operated by Saint Charles Organics GmbH, a sister company of SAINT CHARLES Apotheke in Vienna and Berlin. This online shop is not a mail-order pharmacy and does not sell drugs, but SAINT CHARLES' own products, which have been developed and adapted in the pharmacy over decades in the tradition of the family and international premium natural cosmetics brands. We are looking forward to your visit - whether in one of our houses or online!

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