The Intuitive

Botanical facial mist.

Quantity: 100 ml

High vibe.
Gentle, incredibly healing waters.

Waves of calming relief
Wildly luxurious refreshment
and sweet protection

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Flowers rain petal soft on your skin. Delight yourself with deeply satisfying hydration and a deep calm. Atune your inner voice.

Shower skin and hair, soul and spirit with the luminous beauty and the calming relief of each and every joyous droplet. “The intuitive” knows how to handle it all: sensitive, finicky, challenging conditions will be delighted beyond measure by its soothing powers, inflammation prone complexions will be so relieved, thirsty skin will be quenched. Marvel also at how “the intuitive” creates more and more beauty in your life by bringing about a deeply calming, peaceful, tranquil mood, guiding you into your intuition and strengthening your inner voice. It is so comforting to also experience “the intuitive’s” hugely protective powers and to benefit from its balancing effects on your rhythms. Amplify the brilliance in each piece of the max and me collection by introducing the holistic and energetic goodness of the water element in this botanical mist to your ritual.

Scent bouquet

Warm, woody spiciness, with tangy subnotes of sweet freshness


  • deeply calming and benefiting sensitive, finicky, challenging conditions 
  • anti-inflammatory powers for troubled skin (acne, rosacea...) 
  • quenches dehydrated skin
  • balancing & regulating

  • helps speed up recovery, supports cell and tissue repair

  • incredibly protective powers, dispels negative energy

  • brings about tranquility, peacefulness and wellbeing

  • highly vibrant powers

Skin type / condition

Gorgeously effective for all thirsty skin types ∙ with an unparalleled ability to bring peace to troubled & inflamed complexions (psoriasis, rosacea, acne, allergic reactions, sunburn...) ∙ also sensitive, finicky, challenged conditions will be delighted beyond measure by its soothing powers

Key ingredients

Palo Santo Hydrosol & Essential Oil, Wild Agonis, Blue Tansy, Helichrysum Italicum, Calendula

High-vibe sourcing

What sparked "the intuitive" was Palo Santo, an outstanding essential oil and hydrosol which has deep spiritual meaning, strong protective forces and great energetic powers as well as incredible skin healing properties. Its sacred character, its ability to support heightened energy in the body, elevating soul & spirit, deeply resonates with our high- vibe focus. It centers, bringing about emotional balance and tranquility. Our source of Palo Santo is a most beautiful, intimate distillery in Equador working dedicated and in deep communication with the trees, creating an essential oil and hydrosol that is vibrating at its most beautiful and highest.


How to use