Pure Mountain Lavender

100% natural and organic essential oil

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100% natural and biological essential oil of the mountain lavender from Hochsteiermark, Austria. Flowery-sweet and fine-fresh scent profile. The highly aromatic Pure MOUNTAIN LAVENDER has a balancing and soothing effect. It conveys peace and strength at the same time and is an all-round talent in aroma care. Practical application: Easy to dose with glass pipette.

"It deserves a special place in the world of plants and beauty care, because lavender holds many secrets and messages. For us, mountain lavender is an ally - for well-being, beauty and health, for purity and originality. Its blossom-fresh scent is exhilarating and invites you to recharge your batteries and forget stress and tension; it lets you breathe a sigh of relief and ensures gently invigorating and sensually relaxed moments of well-being. "Slow down and rise" is his message and also the credo for SOAVO natural cosmetics". Erwin Krall, SOAVO founder.


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