Magnesiumöl Spray Set mit Refill

100% natural Zechstein Magnesium for external use

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Now NEW in a set with the 0.5 liter refill bottle!
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The Saint Charles Magnesiumspray is made from 100% natural Zechstein magnesium. Direct application to the skin is the most effective way of delivering magnesium to the body. The intake of magnesium is especially recommended for athletes or those undergoing stress or strain.

Due to its effectiveness magnesium supports, amongst other things, muscle function, the nervous system, energy metabolism and also helps reduce fatigue and preserve healthy bones and teeth.

Saint Charles Magnesiumöl can be applied to the whole body. For athletes and physical ailments, it is preferential to massage the oil directly onto those particularly stressed parts of the body (avoiding contact with eyes or wounds).

About Zechstein magnesium

The deposits of the former Zechstein Sea are regarded as the purest and of the highest quality, natural source for magnesium chloride, in the world. The Zechstein Sea spanned from Northern England across to Germany and Russia, and has been kept unadulterated from modern contaminants and pollution for the past 250 million years, all the while storing magnesium chloride.

Zechstein magnesium oil is pumped from about 1,800 meters below the surface and continually undergoes rigorous quality controls. Due to its exceptional purity and without the use of additives, this ready-for-use solution is used extensively in health and wellness areas.


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