Hydrolatum N°7 - Rose

100% natural hydrolate

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100% pure plant hydrolate rose from steam distillation. Queen of flowers and ambassador of love, the rose has always been called. Its usage as a medicinal plant still seems unusual in our latitudes. The wild rose has been used for thousands of years in China, Ayurveda in India, Persia, Greece and Rome. In the 16th century the physician and scientist Paracelsus also began to use roses for headaches and sleep disorders. Rudolf Hauschka, Austrian chemist, anthroposophist and founder of Wala Heilmittel, discovered the harmonizing and strengthening power of roses while researching them.

Our hydrolates are lovingly grown by hand in Germany and gently produced using 4-fold distillation. The resulting essential oils are part of the hydrolate. Filled in high-quality and light-protected violet glass bottles.