Hydrolatum N°3 - Manuka

100% natural hydrolate

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100% pure plant hydrolate Manuka from steam distillation. The natives of New Zealand, the Maori, used the Manuka plant hundreds of years ago for healing. The leaves and bark of the South Sea myrtle were recognized as a remedy. They were crushed and brewed into tea. Because of the tea that the Maori cooked from the bark and leaves, the South Sea myrtle has also become known as Tea Tree. Manuka honey, which can also be bought in Europe today, is also known. The Manuka hydrolate does not have the "refining process" of honey by bees, but the special ingredients of the plant can still be obtained.

Our hydrolates are lovingly grown by hand in Germany and gently produced by 4-fold distillation. The resulting essential oils are part of the hydrolate. Filled in high-quality and light-protected violet glass bottles.