Facial Oil - Forest Therapy

Restructuring face oil

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A restructuring facial oil that builds, regenerates and repairs the skin. Contains natural light protection. Due to the combination of highly effective, restructuring active oils, it is also particularly suitable for the night.

  • Properties: The concentrated effect of a composition of oils from the rainforest is expressed here. Restructuring, constructive - Forest Therapy gives the skin new energy and strongly activates its self-healing powers.
  • Effect: The highly concentrated Copaiba oil, which is also traditionally used for therapeutic purposes, has an antimicrobial effect and ensures that the immune activity of the cells is stimulated. The skin regains its radiance. In its entirety, Forest Therapy acts like a harmonious orchestra of the healing powers of nature, which optimizes the structure and water balance of the cells and thus brings the skin back into balance. The optimal effect can be achieved if Forest Therapy is used at night or as a cure - during the day and at night - for a minimum period of 3 months.

Wildly collected raw materials from Brazil. Unrefined active oils. Cold pressed. Vegan. Anhydrous. Anhydrous. BDIH certified. BDIH certified. Made in Germany.


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