Detoxing Face Oil

Detox Face Oil

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A detox face oil that protects naturally in the sun, gives a luminous complexion and regenerates and repairs the skin. In combination with Tucumã, it effectively prevents hyperpigmentation, sun and age spots. Despite the high concentration of active oils, Enlightening Sun absorbs excellently.

  • Properties: Protects, regenerates, prevents pigment disorders. The skin appears healthy, radiant and tanned in a healthy way.
  • Effect: This is achieved by combining oils from various wild palm species, such as the Muruci, which contain a high proportion of antioxidants and rare sulphur compounds. This protects and regenerates the skin and prevents skin ageing.

Wild collected raw materials from Brazil. Unrefined active oils. Cold pressed. Vegan. Anhydrous. Anhydrous. BDIH certified. BDIH certified. Made in Germany.


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