Traditional domestic herbs are used in the SeeWald herbal specialities, according to ancient monastic tradition and processed by the

Europakloster Gut Aich in Salzburg

into herbal elixirs. When

organically cultivating

the herbs, the monks pay strict attention to the fact that they only garner them

from protected herb gardens


from wild collections in untouched mountain pastures.

For centuries the monks have avoided the use of chemical fertilisers and pest controls. The herbs are then freshly selected from hand-picked plants of the best quality and harvested individually at the best possible times. After harvesting, fresh processing is carried out immediately. A special feature of the herbal specialties is that each herbal product carries an individual mandala, developed through meditation. The selection of the plant in correspondence to that which the body needs can therefore be made classically, with the description of the plant and its effect. According to the philosophies of the Benedictine monks however, this can also be done by choosing a mandala image which appeals to the individual at the time.

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