A-WARE is a Styrian pioneer in the field of hemp cultivation. Through taking special and careful steps, free from the use of chemicals, the A-WARE RAW hemp protein achieves a protein content of at least 52%, which is by far and away above average results. This hemp protein of superior quality is derived from 100% Styrian hemp seeds. The powder is available in two versions; Fiber and Superfine. The Fiber is the classic protein powder and the husks contained within provide an increased fibre content and promote digestion. The Superfine version was developed for the benefit of enjoyment in the form of protein shakes. This version is particularly suitable for athletes, as the protein content is increased by the removal of the husks. The A-WARE hemp protein can be used in muesli, yoghurt or vegetable and fruit juices. We find best of all however, is to mix a powerful hemp shake.. Natural, pure power!

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