Sweet Serenity Beauty Balm

A most delightful, deeply nourishing daily hydrator

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A most delightful, deeply nourishing daily hydrator, bringing calming relief. An inspiring journey to a beautifully serene complexion. Aligns skin and soul with their innate, perfectly harmonious structure. Delivers delightful immediate to joyous long-term results.
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This featherlight deliciousness melts to your loving touch only to reveal golden-hued drops of a wildflowery scented oil-blend, that envelopes even the most delicate conditions tenderly. This delightful balm is a deeply calming and nourishing daily hydrator, embarking you on a most beautiful journey to a serene and radiant complexion - by restoring skin’s innate perfectly harmonious rhythm, boosting its self-healing abilities. „sweet serenity“ beauty balm is an especially soothing treat for thirsty, stressed-out, irritated conditions and a collagen-booster for maturing complexions. Above and beyond this beauty balm is so good in harmonizing body, mind and soul - suffusing you with its high vibrations, helping you to center again, to come home to yourself, to embrace all that is you. You feel joyously ready to take on any challenge that might come your way.


  • nourishes & restores 
  • soothes & calms
  • a wonderful daily hydrator
  • benefits sensitive, irritated, thirsty skin 
  • reduces breakouts
  • adresses the cause, not only the symptom 
  • benefits troubled conditions
  • leads back to skin’s innate, harmonious rhythm
  • boosts skin´s self-healing 
  • stimulates collagen / for mature skin
  • imparts calm serenity for skin and soul


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